Shri. P.J. Maheshwari


Mr. O.K. Gilda


Principal. S.D. Mahajan

General Secretary

About society

Pratibha Niketan Education Society was founded by eminent freedom fighters like late Shyamrao Baba Bodhankar, Balchand Muthaji and many others who were the disciples of Pujya Shri Swami Ramanand Teerth, a Sanyasi activist and leader of the Hyderabad Liberation Movement of 1947. They were the visionaries and the makers of the Marathwada region who wanted to liberate education from the domination of Urdu language. They were the prophets who replaced elite, bourgeoisie education with mass education in this region. With a view to imbibing the ideals of social justice, democracy, secularism they found it meant educational sense at places like Aurangabad, Ambejogai etc. The aim was to castigate illiteracy, ignorance from the social psyche. Believers, as they were of a casteless, classless, secular society, these Founding Fathers of the Institution worked hard to imbibe in the minds of youth of Marathwada the ideals of educational values as well.

The Pratibha Niketan Education Society, Nanded founded as early as 1939 started its educational institutions in the form of High School and subsequently it branched out in five Schools and one College. The Pratibha Niketan Mahavidyalaya, a premier centre of learning, was established in 1972 on a very humble note. It was set up in Holi area of Nanded with limited and inadequate resources and support. Thanks to the vision and dynamism of the College Management especially that of Prin.S.D. Mahajan that the College acquired its own independent building in the heart of the town in the year 1986. Carrying forward the parent Institution’s motto “Dnyata Dney Tase Dnyan Tiheri Karm Beej He” the College right from its inception has been committed to the cause of the education for the common people and particularly for the cause of the Dalits, oppressed and downtrodden.